Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology- Experience the difference that advanced dental technology can make!

Advanced Dental Technology used by a top rated Sedona, AZ dentist, digital x-rays are used to reduce radiation to our patients.We know that you have many dental choices in Sedona. Sedona general dentist Chris Marsh has most all of the modern technology to keep your smile attractive in a comfortable relaxing dental atmosphere.

To keep your radiation exposure low, we use digital dental x-rays, which are displayed on a screen beside you so you can see what we see. Digital dental-ray technology produces more detailed images while using up to 90% less radiation; and these images can be enhanced, easily archived into your dental records, or e-mailed to your dental insurance company.

Advanced Technology used in the dental office. We use Laser cavity detectionTooth cavities in between the teeth can be analyzed with Logicon dental cavity detecting software. A powerful computer-aided diagnostic (CAD) tool, that is an electronic second opinion, it lets Sedona AZ dentist Chris Marsh analyze radiographs (digital dental x-rays) and diagnose caries (cavities) in between your teeth and helps prevent misdiagnosis of healthy teeth. We can also review results quickly and then store them for later use and monitor changes over a period of time.

We use Cone Beam CT images, a 3D dental x-ray, for never-before-seen detail of your teeth and surrounding structures. This technology allows us to see the hidden structures in your mouth and jaw in three dimensions, making your treatment plan and ultimately your procedure more precise. Use of CT guides can be used to assist in placing our dental implants that have been virtually planned in 3D on a computer before your dental surgery is even begun.

Sedona Az dentist Roy Daniels uses laser cavity detection, called Diagnodent to detect cavities earlyWe also use a laser called a Kavo DIAGNOdent to help detect cavities early. Detecting tooth decay the traditional way with the explorer (that’s the pointy thing that everyone’s afraid of) is only 50 to 75 percent successful because it is too large to fit into the small grooves to give Dr. Marsh a tactile sense of whether decay exists or not. The dental laser tip of the DIAGNOdent is a much more accurate and sensitive diagnostic tool used in detecting even the smallest cavities or the ones that hide along fissures or inside the biting surfaces of your teeth.

The value of diagnosing decay early cannot be overestimated! With early cavity detection, teeth fillings can be less invasive and more comfortable than ever before. In most cases, early diagnosis of decay on the chewing surface of a tooth allows us to repair the decay with a dental sealant, composite filling, or other tooth colored mercury free fillings.