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Urgent dental traumatic injury treated successfully the morning after the patient had an accident

If you have suffered a dental traumatic injury and need emergency dental care, Chris Marsh, DMD is an experienced dentist who has assisted many people with traumatic dental injuries.  Our dental office is equipped to handle any urgent dental emergency.

Dental injuries from bad falls can occur. Sedona Dentist Roy Daniels has experience in assisting patients who have suffered fracture to their front tooth.

This patient fell and broke her front tooth. Sedona Dentist Chris Marsh repaired the tooth the next morning.

Save the piece of tooth after it has been fractured. Dr. Roy Daniels can bond this piece of tooth back on to the fractured tooth.

Save the Pieces! If you break teeth from a fall injury, try and put the pieces into a moist environment and bring them to the dental office!

A bad fall can create a dental traumatic injury,Dr. Roy Daniels in Sedona, Az treated this Cottonwood, Az patient.

Chipped teeth from a traumatic dental injury can be repaired. Sedona Dentist Chris Marsh repaired this tooth.

Traumatic dental injury treated by Dr. Roy Daniels an experienced highly rated dentist in Sedona, AZ.

Traumatic Dental Injury with a successful recovery!

If a tooth is knocked out, try and bring the teeth, keeping them moist, don’t let them dry out.


This patient fell off of a bicycle and suffered facial trauma

This patient fell off of a bicycle and suffered facial trauma

Dental Emergency Trauma Avulsed Permanent Teeth

Dental Emergency Trauma Avulsed Permanent Teeth


If you’re in the area of Sedona 86336 , Cottonwood 86326 , Clarkdale, Village of Oak Creek 86351 , Cornville, or anywhere in the Verde Valley and you or a loved one has suffered from a dental traumatic injury, or are searching for 24 hour emergency dentists and  need urgent dental care call 928-282-3246 to be seen as soon as possible. Our office is where to go for a dental emergency.