Root Canal

No Need to Fear a Root Canal

Just the words “root canal” can strike an image of pain and fear in most dental patients.  Contrary to popular lore, a root canal doesn’t have to be a painful procedure. Millions of teeth are saved each year with the root canal, or endodontic treatment. Dr. Marsh is a top rated Sedona, Cottonwood area dentist who will treat you gently. Using modern techniques and anesthetics, most people report that they are comfortable during a root canal procedure.

Why is a Root Canal sometimes needed?

Root canals, (also known as endodontic therapy or endodontics) are required when the infected nerves inside of the tooth need to be removed. If left untreated the infection can become chronic and spreads the infection into the bone of your jaw or skull. The damage is called an abscess.

What are the signs that you may need a root canal?

  • Pain, sensitivity to chewing
  • A cracked or damaged tooth, which allows bacteria inside of the tooth
  • A tooth that was knocked out in a traumatic accident
  • Repeated dental treatments on the same tooth
  • Dental decay (caries) that allows bacteria to infect the pulp
  • A tiny bump has formed on the side of your tooth near where your tooth is hurting
  • Your tooth looks dark or discolored and is also painful

After having listened to you about your symptoms and concerns, Sedona Dentist Chris Marsh will use professional methods to determine if you require endodontic (root canal) treatment.

How much does a Root Canal Cost?

The cost depends on the complexity of the tooth being treated. Molars are more complex to treat and usually cost more because they may not have just one nerve canal like a front tooth, but as many as four!  Most dental insurance covers a portion of the root canal treatment cost.

Usually, it is less expensive to save your natural tooth and restore it with a crown than the alternative of having the tooth extracted. A tooth that is extracted should be replaced with a bridge or dental implant to keep the surrounding teeth from shifting and to restore chewing function.

Why you shouldn’t put off a root canal

Putting off a root canal, however, can lead to more expensive dental procedures in the future or the loss of your natural tooth. Your natural tooth is usually better at biting and chewing than replacement teeth such as partial dentures or bridges.

“Maybe it will go away”… if you have dental pain, may go away temporarily, but that’s not a good sign. The infection is likely smoldering like coals, and can get worse. In extreme cases ignoring a tooth that needs a root canal will result in a systemic infection that lands you in the hospital; putting you increased risk of problems with your diabetes, or your blood pressure.

A toothache is always the sign that something is wrong with your tooth. Dr. Marsh is one of the highest rated dentists in Sedona and Cottonwood Arizona area and you will receive professional treatments and positive results when it comes to your dental care. Call our office today at 928-282-3246 or use the contact form to discuss how you can get and maintain an amazing smile to last a lifetime.!