Same Day Denture Repair – Partial Repairs Sedona AZ

partial denture repair same day in sedona az

Partial denture Repair – Same day denture repairs in our on premises lab

Same Day Denture Repairs

It can happen to anyone – you’re out with friends at lunch and bite down and you break a front tooth on your denture or partial denture. Or you accidently drop your denture while cleaning it and end up with a cracked base.

You call your local dentist to see if they can fit you in and then they tell you they don’t have a lab on the premises that can repair your denture the same day, and will have to wait some more, without your teeth, while the repair is made. If you have a full upper denture or a partial denture, walking around without your teeth can be just plain embarrassing.

Sedona dentist Chris Marsh knows how important your dentures are, so he offers same-day emergency denture repair. In most cases Dr. Marsh can accommodate you quickly to get your denture repaired within one day. Often we can see you in the morning, and have your denture repaired before lunchtime! We deal with Cottonwood, Cornville, and Sedona emergency denture repairs as quickly as possible so that you can get on with your life.

How are Same Day Denture Repairs Possible?

Sedona dentist Dr. Marsh has a dental lab, and experience standing by to make efficient and professional same-day repairs. Other dentists in Sedona often refer their emergency denture and partial repair patients to Dr. Marsh because they know he can repair dentures on-site in his dental laboratory.

What do you do with a broken denture?

If you do break your denture, please don’t be tempted to use an over-the-counter repair kit because it makes the denture more difficult to repair. Dr. Marsh has the replacement denture teeth, special acrylics, and professional-grade dental lab pressure and heat to professionally repair your denture the same day. If you have a broken denture, or a dental emergency call us as soon as possible so that the extent of damage can be evaluated. We will do our best to get the dentures back to you the same day.


Same Day Denture Repair

Same Day Denture Repair. Broken denture tooth repairs. Don’t DIY repair!