3D dental x ray

Sedona dentist Chris Marsh provides you with the best possible dental care, which is why we are pleased to have a CareStream CBCT 3D Dental X ray Machine

sedona-3d-dental x ray

How Is A 3D Dental X Ray Different from Ordinary Dental X-rays?

This isn’t a regular x ray machine like most dentists have. On the contrary, it provides 3-dimensional (3D dental x ray) images that Dr. Marsh can see inside of the bone and teeth in 3 dimensions. The ability to scan 3d dental x rays allows us to more accurately diagnose abscesses, root fractures, infections, root resorption and bone available for dental implant placement.

In a nutshell, a 3D dental x ray provides the following advantages:

Five “MUST KNOW” conditions before scheduling your Dental Implant are

3D dental x rays are far superior to traditional 2 D x rays when placing dental implants. Only 3D dental x rays can deliver accurate measurements for these necessary parameters

1. Bone Length- The first thing your dentist must know is if the bone length available for placement of your dental implant is sufficient. Traditional 2D x rays can approximate this distance, but Sedona dentist Chris Marsh can have certainty by using a 3D dental x ray (3D CT Scan).

2Bone width. Bone Width- The width of your bone CAN NOT be measured with traditional 2D x rays. Our 3D technology allows for an exact measurement of the exact width PRIOR to placing your dental implant. This avoids surprises that the bone is not wide enough.

3. Bone Quality- Do you have hard or soft bone at your implant sight? Is your bone “solid” like steel? Or is your bone soft and spongy? This is a MUST KNOW condition before placing your dental implant! Traditional 2D x rays DO NOT provide this information regarding the bone quality. 3D dental x rays enable your Sedona, AZ dentist to calculate the density and hardness of you bone.

Strong hard Bone D1

Strong and Hard Bone D1


Soft and Flimsy Bone D4

Soft and Flimsy Bone D










 271657FB4. Bone Angle: Your jawbone is anything but straight! Your dentist MUST KNOW the variations in your individual jaw anatomy before surgery. 3D dental x ray technology takes the guesswork out of what angle your dental implant should be placed. This insures a more accurate and certain placement.

5. Critical Nerves and Sinuses- Your final MUST KNOW element is the location of your nerves and sinuses. 3D dental x ray technology can assist in accurately placing your dental implants. If your dentist does not know the exact location of your nerve, you could get temporary or permanent numbness similar to a dental injection in your mouth. 3D dental x rays allow proper critical landmark placement.

We hope this information will help you make an informed decision when considering dental implants. Keep in mind that only a limited number of dental offices offer this 3d dental x ray technology. Sedona dentist Chris Marsh offers dental implants to Cottonwood, Clarkdale, Camp Verde, Cornville and Village of Oak Creek residents.