Same Day Dental Crown

Same Day Dental Crown /s (Cerec and E4D are major brand names) are ok, and getting better. But even offices in Sedona, AZ that offer these same day dental one-visit crowns opt to use a two visit technique quite often! Why?

Even with a highly advertised same day dental crown, the specialists always tend towards a lab fabricated all-ceramic crown due to better contours, shape, shades, and esthetics. The human artistic touch will always make the crown look natural.

Because of this we use one of our local excellent dental labs to make our crowns. Most dental offices that make a same day crown will utilize a dental assistant that may not have much experience in dental function and anatomy. By using a dental lab, an experienced dental technician has an intrinsic understanding of the correct function and WHY the dental anatomy has to be made a certain way.

Most dental office offering a same day crown will not glaze their crowns in a glazing oven, because this takes extra time. Instead they just “polish” the same day dental crown. Polishing leaves a rougher surface that doesn’t feel as smooth to your tongue.

A same day crown may not be best for people who clench their teeth, a lab-made crown may be better

Clenching puts a higher stress on a tooth, causing a higher risk of breaking. A gold crown – the strongest crown- may be prefered because it won’t break- which currently can not be milled as a same day dental crown using the mills in a dental office.

Natural teeth aren’t a single color but same day crowns are!

If a cosmetic appearance is important to you, a same day dental crown may not be your best choice. In the one-day process, the same day dental crown colors are simulated by painting on yellow at the gum line to gradually change the color. But in the lab, a dental ceramist can simulate natural teeth by layering different colors of ceramic.