Dentures and Partial Dentures

Dentures and partial dentures treatment  should done by a dentist with top levels of skill, and professionalism, like Sedona dentist Chris Marsh.  Dr. Marsh strives for a relaxing, comfortable environment and he treats his patients with a gentle care that is personalized to each individual. It is easy to forget that he also uses cutting edge technology and the latest in prosthetic tooth replacement procedures. His 35 years of experience in dentistry and it is easy to see why he is a leader in the dental field.

For those of you who are helping a relative or friend search for false teeth or if you are a first time denture wearer, please view our Denture Questions & Answers.

When all of the natural teeth have been removed, one way to replace them is with conventional dentures.

We offer two types of Dentures:

  • Replacement Dentures for patients who have worn out or broken their existing dentures
  • Immediate Dentures for patients who need teeth extracted with same-day delivery of their new teeth. Your immediate temporary dentures can be placed at the same appointment that the teeth are removed. Immediately placed dentures may require frequent adjustments or temporary relining during the first couple of months of use.

We also offer partial dentures

A partial denture replaces one or usually multiple missing teeth; it is similar to a dental bridge that is removable by the patient. The remaining teeth that hold the partial in should be healthy, and some dental work may be required to ensure that the partial will fit well and last for years to come. When you get an estimate for a removable partial denture, make sure you know what type of materials your partial denture or complete denture (dental plate) will be made of. The dental materials can consist of Acrylic only, Acrylic with Metal Framework or Flexible Nylon. The teeth can be made plastic or porcelain. In most cases, dental work may be required to insure the remaining teeth are healthy support before we make your partial denture. Healthy supporting teeth will ensure you have a partial that will last for many years to come. If extractions are required, it’s best to let the gums heal before the partial is made. If you need front teeth extractions you don’t want to be seen with any missing teeth, a temporary acrylic partial ( or flipper ) is a good temporary solution.