Amalgam Removal and Replacement

Get Rid of your Mercury Containing Fillings- Indulging the Quality Conscious(™)

Are you considering amalgam removal? Do you have old metal (amalgam, silver) fillings that are ugly or have degraded? Do you want to have your amalgam fillings removed and replaced? It’s important to identify a dentist who has experience in removing the amalgam safely and replacing it with a biocompatible filling material. One of the advantages of non-mercury amalgam fillings is that they are not only the healthier option, but they look great too!

Sedona Dentist Chris Marsh will take precautions to minimize your exposure to metals found in dental amalgam. He typically uses a dental dam to keep the metal from being swallowed, and he keeps the amalgam cool while it is being removed, to decrease mercury vapors. Biologic dental care at its best!

Photo of amalgam removal before biologic dentistry replacing mercury filling

Amalgam Replacement – AFTER

Amalgam Replacement - AFTER

Amalgam Replacement – AFTER

Composite fillings (white tooth colored fillings), all ceramic (Zirconia) crowns and inlays typically are used to replace silver fillings used to fill cavities.

Composite fillings are typically used for smaller fillings and areas of low stress. If you have larger fillings, especially those in the back of the mouth, they may require a stronger restoration such as a crown. New digital technology allows Dr. Marsh to place natural feeling non-mercury restorations.

Patients in Sedona, Cottonwood, Clarkdale and the Verde valley have discovered wholistic biocompatible dentistry at Chris Marsh, DMD. If you want more information about replacing your ugly silver fillings, contact us today!

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