Recement Dental Crown

Recement Dental Crown or Bridge: Why did it come off

If you are looking for a nearby dentist to recement your dental crown or recement your dental bridge, it has failed. Not every dental crown or dental bridge that has failed can be recemented.

Reasons why a dental crown or dental bridge can not be recemented

  • Decay- Many people do not realize that they can get decay around a crown or a bridge.
  • Sticky food- Like a frozen carmel- great for removing dental crowns! Don’t ask me how I know!
  • Poorly prepared restoration- the previous dentist didn’t leave enough tooth structure or over prepared it so that the dental cement would not hold the crown or bridge in place.
  • The tooth broke- perhaps because of improper occlusion or an incorrect bite.
  • Failed dental crown

Our protocol to recement dental crowns and bridges

  1. We always take a digital dental X-ray of the tooth to make sure there isn’t any problem hidden inside of the bone.

    recement dental crown xray

    Digital dental X-ray of a patient from Cottonwood AZ that wanted a dental crown recemented

  2. We check to make sure the tooth under the crown or bridge  is healthy and the restoration can be recemented. Sometimes the cement has been slowly leaking and the crown is decayed underneath.
  3. The inside of your crown or bridge is sandblasted clean and the tooth supporting the crown is cleaned.
  4. If the crown has been out of the mouth a few days, sometimes the crown needs slightly adjusted, so we try the crown back in place to make sure it fits correctly.
  5. The crown is recemented with fresh cement.
  6. The excess cement is removed from your crown or bridge.
  7. We review how to keep your tooth clean and healthy.

Alternatives to recement dental crown or bridge

  • Extraction and no tooth replacement
  • Extraction and graft the area with bone for a future dental implant
  • Extraction and dental implant/ crown placed
  • Extraction and replace the tooth with a removable partial
  • Extraction and possible bridge

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