Snap in Dentures and Partial Dentures

Snap in Dentures and Partial dentures AKA “Snap on Dentures”

Do you have a problem using dentures because they won’t stay properly in your mouth? Especially your lower denture can fit loosely. This is where implant supported dentures can be a huge benefit to a patient.

Upper dentures usually stay in better than lower dentures. That is because upper dentures typically cover the roof of the mouth, or palate, and create “suction”. The lower denture rests on a thin strip of tissue and does not have that “suction” to help keep them in. Combined with the tongue, cheek, and lips moving, the lower denture is frequently dislodged.

A snap in denture (also known as a snap on denture) connects the loose denture with an attachment much like the snap on your trousers. A snap on denture looks similar to how they sound with one side of the snap inside the denture and the other side of the snap on an implant, hence the name, “snap-in dentures”.  Dental implants are often a good option for someone who has a lot of trouble keeping the lower teeth in.

Sometimes, snap on dentures can be made without extracting all of the natural teeth. This is done by making a partial denture with snap on denture attachments on natural teeth or dental implants.

Dr. Marsh has made snap on dentures (snap in dentures) for patients in Cottonwood, Clarkdale, camp Verde and Sedona. If you or a loved one has a loose lower denture and are looking for solutions, give us a call today at 928-282-3246.