Dry Mouth Treatment- Relieve and Protect your Dry Mouth

Dry mouth treatment is available in Sedona, AZ !

Not just a discomforting annoyance!Impact of saliva loss and unmanaged dry mouth

Everyone has a dry mouth once in a while, but a dry mouth is more common as we age. Medications are the primary cause of dry mouth and up to 29% of adults are affected.

Over 400 common medications are considered to be inducers of dry mouth, and patients taking three or more medications are at a higher risk of developing dry mouth.

Dry mouth is not only uncomfortable, but often causes other health issues. Patient with a dry mouth are at an increased risk of:

  • Cavities -Up to a 3 times greater risk! Have you gone to your dentist for years without a cavity and all of the sudden they tell you that you have new cavities at every dental appointment?
  • Ongoing bad breath- does your spouse or loved one tell you that your breath could “gag-a-maggot”?
  • Mouth infections- do you keep getting Thrush or Candida mouth infections, or are the corners of your mouth cracking and raw continuously?
  • Periodontal- Gum Disease- has your dental hygienist recommended that instead of a “normal cleaning“, that you need a “deep cleaning” or what is known as scaling and root planing?
  • Sleep interruption- is your dry mouth causing you to wake up because your tongue is stuck to the roof of your mouth, and your mouth feels like the Sahara desert?

Dry Mouth Treatment- Saliva loss upsets the mouth’s stable environment

Home remedies for dry mouth treatment include

  • Drinking plenty of water. This may seem “obvious” but most of us rarely drink the 64 ounces of water a day that is recommended! that’s EIGHT 8 oz glasses of water! I love my coffee in the morning but…Your coffee doesn’t count! Caffeinated beverages are a recipe for dehydration causing a dry mouth, headache, dry skin, and fatigue (after the caffeine wears off or you can’t sleep). Drinking water can help your bad breath and should be the first to supplement any dry mouth treatment.
  • Dental Hygiene is an important dry mouth treatment. Sedona dentist Chris Marsh highly recommends Colgate Prevident ® for his patients to help them with their dry mouth treatment. Our dental hygienists help coach our patients with the proper techniques for good oral hygiene, and encourage more frequent dental visits.
  • Dry air just comes naturally in Arizona! And living in dry air can make your dry mouth treatment more difficult. Using a humidifier is an effective tool for dry mouth treatment because it helps moisten the air, keeping your mouth, throat and nose from feeling as dry.
  • Candies and gum must be sugar-free. Remember, the bacterial in your mouth LOVE sugar just as much as you do, and the bacteria can exaberate tooth decay when it’s byproduct of living produces acid. Sucking on sugar-free gums or candies can stimulate saliva and moisten your mouth. If you avoid candy and gum, try an olive pit or a little lemon rind for a natural home remedy for dry mouth treatment!
  • Drink water while eating! Don’t be a “Limey” ( the British often drink at the end of their meals) The fluids will help you swallow your food and contributes to that GALLON of water per day you should be drinking! Sugar-free juices or a little carbonated water with lime are great low calorie additions.

 Professional Dry Mouth Treatment

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