Denture Implants


Watch Raquel describe how her denture implants and dentures that snap in procedure went.

What are denture implants and what are some of the benefits?

Denture Implants also called Implant dentures (Snap On Dentures) have NO PALATE! Leaving the roof of your mouth to feel the textures of food, the temperatures of food and enjoy your food! NO MORE MUSHY FOOD!

With a Snap in Denture (Dentures held in with dental implants) you will be able to SPEAK AND LAUGH CONFIDENTLY! You will be able to forget about using those messy denture adhesives and glues that upset your stomach.

Getting mini dental denture implants is ideal with making a new set of dentures. But if you are in Sedona, AZ for just a few days, it is possible your current denture could be used and have the snaps installed in that denture.

Denture Implants – Mini Implants for Dentures and Partial Dentures

Mini Dental Implants (MDI) are made of titanium, similar to what artificial hips and knees are made from. The top of the denture implant (MDI)  has an attachment that engages (snap in housing, snap on denture housing) such as a ball and O-ring, or a special nylon button that helps retain your denture or partial denture. When the denture is lined up with the dental implants the attachments “snap” into place holding the denture or partial denture securely in place, creating a strong and steady bite.

After a 3D (three dimensional) x-ray is evaluated for sufficient bone, placing mini dental implants is a minimally invasive procedure.  The mini dental implants (MDI’s) are designed to be ‘self tapping’ and anchor your palateless denture or Snap In Denture (also known as a Snap On Denture).

The reality is: Common dentures will never feel as secure in your mouth or in your life. If you are struggling with a loose denture or have an ugly clasp showing on your removable partial denture, perhaps it is time to quit suffering from the embarrassment.

Do you avoid social engagements because you wear dentures that are loose or ill-fitting? Do you suffer with the bad breath caused by your dentures, since food is getting trapped under your denture?

Lower dentures are almost always become loose due to the bone shape and gum irritations. Upper dentures usually hold in better because they have a “suction” created by the roof of the mouth, but this reduces the texture and taste of your food.

People who wear dentures often experience sores and some occasional pain when chewing. The messy adhesives they often use to “glue in” a denture usually cause stomach problems.

Get an “Eat A Steak” bite in just a few days and enjoy ALL THE FOOD you like!

Yep! Steak, peanuts, corn on the cobb and biting into an apple. With your new Snap On dentures supported by dental implants you will enjoy again the foods you have missed for years! Don’t you DESERVE to eat whatever foods you like and give up the soft food FOREVER? Sedona AZ dentist Chris Marsh can create your custom PALATE FREE (no covering on the roof of your mouth) dentures so that you can THROW AWAY your gooey denture adhesive, and quit mashing your food.