Partial Dentures | Types of Partials

Temporary Acrylic Partial Dentures

Often called a “flipper” is the least expensive of all partials. It is removable. It is considered a temporary & cosmetic device only. It consists of an acrylic base, plastic teeth and sometimes wrought wire clasps. It is a good temporary solution until a permanent partial or dental implant crown or dental implant bridge can be placed.

For those of you who are helping a friend or relative search for dentures or if you are a first time denture wearer make sure you understand the types of partial dentures that you are getting a dental treatment plan for. We would be happy to show you the differences in dental care.

Partial Denture with Metal Framework

Partial denture with metal framework is a removable appliance with plastic teeth and gum areas and usually replaces multiple missing teeth. It can be attached to the teeth with metal clasps. The metal is a Chromium-Cobalt metal. This type of removable partial denture is quite durable, much thinner and less bulky than a temporary acrylic partial and can withstand the rigors of daily chewing. This type of partial has been around for decades. If you are getting a second opinion on your dental treatment, make sure you know what type of partial denture you are getting an estimate for. Dental care of Sedona patients who need full dentures, partial dentures and dental care call 928-282-3246 today and set up a consultation to see what we can offer you.

Flexible Partial Denture

Biocompatible flexible nylon removable partial dentures provide lifelike esthetics. A flexible partial denture is ideal for those who wish to have the durability of a partial without the metal clasps or framework. Lightweight, practically invisible, and delightfully comfortable, these partials are thinner and less bulky than temporary acrylic partial dentures.

Affordable Dentures and Partials

While we strive to offer the highest quality of denture care possible. We know that a person who can’t afford treatment is not going to come in, regardless of how great a job we do. That is why we work with our patients as much as we possibly can. If you have good credit, we are always happy to help set up a flexible financing program with our patients. In Sedona, denture treatment is sometimes difficult to come by at a price that is affordable. We work not only to provide a high level of care but also fees and flexible financing that our patients can be comfortable with. Call today and set up a consultation to see what we can offer you.