Tooth Colored Fillings

Tooth colored fillings that are designed to match the color of your teeth are called composites

For over 150 years, cavities were filled with a mixture of metals, including silver and mercury. It was perfectly normal to see dark grey areas in someone’s mouth when they laughed. Today, more of my patients ask about white fillings because they want their teeth to look natural when they laugh, talk and smile.

White fillings, also called composite fillings, are made from tooth-colored materials that restore the natural appearance of a decayed or previously filled tooth.

Because the composite is adhesively held in a cavity, the repair can be more conservative than with the traditional silver filling. This means that Dr. Marsh will need to remove less tooth structure than other dentists would for an amalgam (silver) restoration, and this may result in a smaller filling. But it takes longer to place a composite filling than an amalgam filling. And we have to pay strict attention to detail. The cavity has to be kept clean and dry during the procedure.

The cost of a bonded composite filling is moderate compared to other options, such as porcelain veneers and crowns.

Many of our patients who live in the Sedona, Cottonwood and Clarkdale area, so choose our dental office and see how we can give you a great smile with tooth-colored composite resin!