Cost of Dental Implants- Sedona & Cottonwood, AZ

What is the Cost of Dental Implants near Sedona and Cottonwood?

If you are curious about the cost of dental implants for a single tooth, you’re not alone. When we discuss treatment options to replace a single missing tooth, the cost of the dental implant one of the main questions our patients have. Truth is, everyone’s situation is different—so the cost of dental implant depends on several factors. Keep reading and I will explain below:

Why the Cost of a Single Dental Implant may be Cheaper than the alternative choices

Not that long ago, if you lost a tooth, your dentist would recommend grinding down the two neighboring teeth and using them as anchors for a bridge.

Nowadays, we offer an option that involves less damage to the adjacent teeth: a single-tooth implant.

Dental implants vs bridge by experienced cosmetic Sedona Dentist Roy Daniels

Dental implant vs bridge, an implant is most like your natural tooth

Dental implants are similar to traditional crowns, in which top of a damaged tooth is capped. When the natural tooth has been lost, a dental implant which is an artificial tooth root typically made out of titanium is anchored in the bone where teeth are missing to anchor the crown.

While partial dentures or bridges are less expensive, their affordability can be short-lived and more expensive over time because these older methods require replacement every 5-7 years. In contrast, a well placed dental implant that is properly cared for can last a lifetime.

Factors That Affect the Cost of a Dental Implant


Remember, placement of a dental implant is a surgery! Getting a dental implant is not a “one-and-done” type of procedure. It typically will involve multiple visits before your dental implant is complete. After determining the problem, discussing possible solutions and discussing a treatment plan and answering your questions about the costs of a dental implant.

X-ray or CT Scan

Before placing a dental implant, an x-ray or CT Scan (Three dimensional X-ray) of our mouth will be needed. Some Cottonwood and Sedona dentists don’t have this technology in their office and have to refer this out to be performed, adding to the costs of your dental implant. Depending on how many images the dentist and surgeon need, x-rays and CT scans can add between $25 and $275 to the cost of your dental implant. Sedona Dentist Chris Marsh has the technology to get a 3D scan of your tooth and bone anatomy in his office without referring you out.

Teeth Extraction

If any of your teeth must be removed before your dental implant is placed, that can add extra costs. The overall cost of the extraction varies depending on the complexity of the surgery and the difficulty of removing the tooth. On average you may expect $75 to $375 for tooth removal.

Bone Graft

You may also need a bone graft either at the time of your tooth extraction, or after when the implant is placed. But all dental bone graft surgeries are the same type or the same cost.

There are three major types of one graft surgeries that affect costs of your dental implant:

  • Socket grafts – Often performed when your tooth is removed prior to the placement of a dental implant. Bone material is placed in the empty socket of the extracted tooth. The cost of the bone graft will vary depending on the source of the bone graft and how much bone is needed.
  • Bock Bone Grafts – This method uses a block of bone from your chin area or your lower jaw near your wisdom teeth. It is most often used to build up the edge where not enough bone is present to support your dental implant.
  • Sinus Lift Grafts –  This is usually needed for the back bicuspid or molar area teeth when the sinus cavity is too close to the area where the implants need to be placed. This procedure usually requires an oral surgeon or a periodontal specialist to perform this complex surgery. Dr. Marsh works with well respected specialists and will coordinate care with them to obtain an optimal outcome.

Bone grafting costs can vary between $300 to $1200 depending on your individual surgical need.

Cost of Materials

The three primary components that add to the costs of a dental implant are:

  • The Implant
  • The abutment
  • The crown

What to Ask your dentist before your implant

  • What is included in the quoted dental implant  cost? Make sure you get an estimate as discussed above for the consultation, imaging dental implant surgery, implant abutment and implant crown.
  • Why I need a temporary tooth?
  • What are my options for a temporary tooth?
    • Clear Essix Retainer- this usually looks like an clear retainer with a tooth to cover the missing tooth space.
    • Dental Flipper- This is usually a partial denture with one or more teeth on it that is removable.
    • Snap-On Smile™
    • Temporary Immediate Crown on an implant

The bottom line is a dental implant is not an inexpensive procedure. As you explore your options , the  best way to get a precise idea of what your dental implants will cost is to come in for a thorough examination and treatment discussion. We offer ways to finance your dental implant procedure. If you live in Cottonwood, AZ and are interested the cost of dental implants, give us a call.  Dr. Chris Marsh,  uses 3D technology to evaluate your suitability for dental implants and believes in having a frank discussion of your dental treatment options including risks, benefits and alternatives so that you can choose long lasting problem free dentistry solutions that fit your lifestyle the best.

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