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Marijuana and Oral Health: Remedies if you choose to Smoke Weed It’s no secret that medical marijuana is one of the most popular substances, especially among young people. If you live in Arizona, it doesn’t take much to get a medical prescription for the use of Medical Marijuana. It is well known that smoking is […]

Dental Care You Should Never Miss You stay up late and the last thing you feel like doing is to stop and brush your teeth. It won’t take too much time, but the bed and pillows look awfully inviting. Some of the most missed dental care habits include: • Seeing your dentist regularly • Flossing […]

New crown doesn’t fit right While crowns are done routinely in almost every dental office every day, they still require a very high precision to give a great long-lasting result. A great fitting dental crown starts with your dentist. When your dentist first starts to shape your tooth for a crown, the area of where […]

This patient had a front missing tooth and a very costly replacement was recommended The patient’s previous dentist wanted to replace the front missing tooth with a treatment estimate of nine thousand dollars. This Cottonwood, AZ patient came to our office seeking a second opinion for a more economical solution to his failing front bridge, an alternative to […]

Every tooth that fractures can be a dental emergency. The trouble is that some are too tiny to be seen, even by a trained eye. In the past ten years dentists are seeing more patients with a cracked tooth. Early diagnosis and treatment is the key to a good outcome. “Cracked tooth syndrome” is when […]

Food stuck between teeth causing pain? But do you suffer from food stuck between teeth much worse than other teeth and on a frequent basis? For example, are two of your teeth just far enough apart to constantly trap food? Do you even avoid chewing on that side of your mouth in an attempt to minimize the frustration […]