Are you interested in dental implants to hold your dentures in place?


Dental implants are a very successful long-lasting option for people with loose dentures

Dental Implant Assisted versus Implant Supported Dentures

Dental implants to retain or support ill-fitting dentures are becoming increasingly popular. People today have an increasingly high expectation about dentistry. They demand natural looking rehabilitations that can be delivered quickly. They expect to make no compromises on activities such as eating, talking and laughing. Denture wearers want an attractive appearance with natural looking teeth. But what are some of the options for denture wearers as far as the restorations that fit the dental implants? The answer is in how much MOVEMENT a patient can put up with.



Implant Assisted Overdenture

Some dentures attach to dental implants and use a REMOVABLE denture that the implants ASSIST in the retention of the denture. These type of implants connected to dentures are SUPPORTED BY THE GUMS and ASSISTED to be held in place by the dental implants. This means there is SOME movement when eating and that the gums take more of the biting forces. But the denture wont “fall out of your mouth” or “float around” the mouth. The biggest advantage of removable overdenture is the cost. With dental implant assisted dentures, sometimes less implants are required, so they are more cost-effective for the patient’s budget. Sometimes mini implants can be used eliminating the need for more expensive bone grafting. For the denture wearer, dental implant assisted dentures may help your ability to talk confidently and eat comfortably; they do not replicate a natural bite and must be removed for cleaning.

Dental Implants Dentures

Implant Assisted Overdenture on 4 dental implants

Implant Supported Overdenture

Some people prefer to have LESS MOVEMENT and choose to have the dentures or teeth SUPPORTED BY THE IMPLANTS. There is LESS MOVEMENT because the implants take the forces of the biting pressures and is more of a rigid system

Implant supported dentures are designed for the implants to take the total force of the bite, absorbing it through the implants and into the jawbone, providing the most natural and normal bite. However, treatment is usually more expensive since a greater number of implants are needed and the attachments between the dental implants and the dentures are more labor intensive and costly Implant supported dentures also need good quality bone which is not always available. Some people are unwilling to undergo additional procedures, such as bone and soft tissue regeneration, that may be necessary to ensure the treatment is successful and will provide a good esthetic outcome.


All on 4 Dental Implants

Implant Supported Denture- Removable by the Patient for cleaning

Implant Supported Teeth- Full Arch Screw Retained Restorations

Some patients want the maximum stability with the LEAST MOVEMNNT and do not want their teeth to be REMOVABLE. Below is an example of an all on 4 dental implants  (all-on-four dental implant).

Implant Supported Hybrid Denture – Removable by a dentist but not the patient