New crown doesn’t fit right

While crowns are done routinely in almost every dental office every day, they still require a very high precision to give a great long-lasting result.

A great fitting dental crown starts with your dentist. When your dentist first starts to shape your tooth for a crown, the area of where the tooth joins the crown (dentist call this the margin) must be placed so that the biology of the gum tissue is not compromised. If the dentist goes too deep, then the gum tissue will always be inflamed. The crown should fit perfectly over the tooth so that the edges of the crown fit the edges of the tooth perfectly.

A great fitting dental crown can only be made from an accurate and detailed impression or scan of the tooth. Many dentists are careless and cut corners when making an impression, just ask any dental laboratory technician. The next requirement is to have a good dental lab make the crown, not some cut-rate outfit.

When installing the new crown in your mouth, the crown has to fit perfectly over the tooth so that its margins meet the margins of the tooth preparation. Once the crown is “down” on the tooth, the contacts between the adjacent teeth should be adequate: floss should snap on either side without breaking. If there is no resistance to floss, it is likely that food will jam in-between your teeth. A quick snap is indicative of good contacts.

If your crown is not fitting properly then it should be removed and you should be fitted for a new one.

Well done dental crowns should settle in and last for years with no more than minor issues. The single most useful test to verify the fit is to take an x-ray. We always check the fit of any new crown we fit with an X-ray.

Here are some x-rays of crowns  that don’t fit right.

New crown doesn't fit right. Poorly fitting crown that snags and shreds floss, caused by a dentist who did not fit the crown correctly to the tooth


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