Food stuck between teeth causing pain?

But do you suffer from food stuck between teeth much worse than other teeth and on a frequent basis?

For example, are two of your teeth just far enough apart to constantly trap food? Do you even avoid chewing on that side of your mouth in an attempt to minimize the frustration of getting food jammed between your teeth? While that may be a quick fix, it’s not a long-term solution to the issue. The real question is – why does food get stuck between teeth in that location?

Food getting stuck between the adjacent molars is sometime due to an “open contact”. An open contact that allows food to pack between teeth and gums can be caused by the placement of filling or crown that lacks the proper shape. This food trap is a common condition that Dr. Marsh can help correct.

Food jamming between teeth gums causing pain because of an improperly contoured crown

Open contact caused by an improperly contoured crown

This is the food that was jammed between teeth with and improperly contoured crown

This is the food that was jammed between teeth with and improperly contoured crown


Food stuck between teeth causing pain in the gums

Food stuck between teeth

Food jamming between teeth causing pain

Food jamming between teeth

Cavities between and inside the teeth, cavities can trap food particles making it difficult to completely remove. Tooth decay between the teeth is a very common reason that food jams between your teeth.

Improper flossing  can actually force material further between the teeth or the gum. Our dental hygienist is an expert at coaching our patients on the proper flossing and dental home care techniques.

Periodontal disease may cause drifting and shifting of the teeth that can lead to gaps that collect food. Many people experience bad breath because of the food that is stuck between their teeth.

If you are looking for a dentist near Sedona and frequently get food jammed between your teeth, our Sedona dental office can help you get bright Sedona smiles and solve the problem. Chris Marsh has been practicing Sedona dentistry for 35 years and has a great team that serves people near Cottonwood, Cornville, the Village of Oak Creek and West Sedona, AZ.